Shaping our city

Design code approved

We have created and approved a design code for the Birmingham Road site.

The code was created thanks to the input from local residents during community engagement sessions we ran in partnership with urban designers Create Streets in 2023 & 2024.

Create Streets specialise in working with local communities and residents, using evidence on what is locally liked to create places that are beautiful, sustainable and also popular with residents and neighbours.

Design codes are a set of clear visual ‘rules’ on what can and cannot be done, and how buildings are designed. They can be used to help communities to strongly shape the look and feel of new development.

How BRS will be laid out

Our Birmingham Road site design code provides a clear and comprehensive set of guidelines to ensure that new development on the Birmingham Road site respects the location, history of the site and its surroundings whilst achieving high quality sustainable design.

Thank you to everyone who gave their views and helped us to shape a key gateway development in the heart of our city.

View our Birmingham Road site design code