About Together We

Together we will create a brighter future for our district

As a council, we accept that over the last decade we have been inwardly focused. We needed to concentrate our resources on ensuring the council is financially secure and able to meet the needs of the district in a sustainable and efficient way.

We recognise this has limited our ability to look externally, engage meaningfully with our communities and build strong, powerful, co-creative relationships. It’s also held us back in terms of delivering our ‘place shaping’ ambitions.

We want that to change.

We want to be a council everyone is proud of, that does the right things, first time, and that is able to respond to the changing needs and expectations of our residents, businesses and partners.

We also know we don’t have all the solutions to every problem, we cannot resolve all of the challenges the district faces alone, and we can’t make all the great ideas happen; we have neither the funds nor capacity to deliver every practical suggestion. We need a shared ambition and vision for the district, shared priorities and a shared ownership of problems and solutions.

We are committed to collaborating closely with our communities to understand their priorities, their needs and ideas.

Together we… has co-created a vision for the future of our district together with our residents – we’ve called it Lichfield 2050 – and by working together with local people and partner agencies, we know we will achieve far more than we would if we try to do it on our own.

All good long-term relationships are built on a strong foundation of knowledge and understanding.

We need to understand what you think and want.